Posted on November 22, 2018 // Written by Steve

This is one of those areas in life which perhaps epitomises what is meant when ignorance is equated to bliss, simply because you don’t really know that your life is perhaps twice or three times more expensive than it would be if you were paired up with someone, until someone points it out or until [Read More]

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Posted on November 5, 2018 // Written by Steve

The static home industry is thriving. That’s good news and it stresses the need for a widespread awareness of the advantages of static home insurance. Before looking at this type of cover though, it’s worthwhile just clarifying a few terms relating to different caravan types. Different types of [Read More]

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Public liability insurance is imperative for anyone working in the construction industry, not least roofers. It’s no secret that roofers, like those from, are faced with a unique set of risks every day at work. N [Read More]

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Posted on September 3, 2018 // Written by Steve

Let’s face it; insurance is a grudge purchase. It is very difficult to fluff it up, make it look pretty and sell it to customers. The sound of your insurance premium being debited makes most people cringe inside and words like excess and liability equal death and taxes. Insurance is just not sexy. [Read More]

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Posted on August 21, 2018 // Written by Steve

When you’re involved in an accident it can be very difficult to understand what is going on. You never expect to get into a situation such as this and it often happens in a split second. You probably think you know how you’d react, but the chances are that you really don’t. Here is what you sh [Read More]

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  • Creating a business plan? An accountant can help you with advice and financial projections, helping your plan become more successful

  • Anything you can show helps your business can be considered tax deductible. You can claim all sorts back by doing this

  • A good accountant never makes mistrakes ;)

  • Cloud software has seen massive advances on the accounting side of things, make sure you know how to best use it

  • Had an interesting chat with a finance guy about ID theft earlier, said public wifi is quite dangerous. Anybody else got a tip?